The Fury

The Fury is a goddess, called by the some as “The Sovereign of Rage and Ruin”, who is the embodiment of passion driven to extremes, acting as the patron of those who wish to make extreme change, no matter whether that change is for better or for worse. She is extremely fickle and violent, and is constantly lashing out against her fellow deities. When there is nothing for her to do, she bides her time by creating new life on empty worlds, making them spring fully formed from the lifeless dirt and mud, and destroying their planet with her divine might. She almost always responds to prayers sent up to her because she is constantly yearning for some way to affect the mortal world.

In her favorite form, The Fury resembles a great red worm, bulging with viscous juices, with the face of a human woman and three pairs of bony, clawed arms. Her mouth is filled with innumerable teeth, and her voice booms and shouts whenever she speaks. In her hands she holds rapiers and pens, torches and books. When in different avatars, she mostly takes the form of creatures that cause immense change, such as dragons, zealots, barbarians, and dinosaurs.

When prayers are raised to The Fury, they are shouted, screamed at the top of your lungs or lung equivalents. They require sacrifices of creatures or objects of immense value. Shrines to her are stained with blood and ink, and decorated with bones and the pages of books. Nobody but clerics truly worship The Fury; they simply call upon her when they need great protection and blessing to help them change the world. Barbarians in the snowy tundras of Nordia or the humid jungles of Akkedis shout chants and prayers up to her to bless their attempts to invade established settlements or to learn what to do with a more civilized prisoner.

Clerics of The Fury are warriors, protesters, movers and shakers. They might seem jarring at first, with their religious decor of bloody garments, bone jewelry, and pages from books, but they are not inherently evil or bad. The Fury blesses all attempts to make change, even if they are incredibly horrible.

The Fury is a member of The Dark Six, a “confederacy” of six deities who are constantly bickering and fighting each other. They claim to be allies, but in reality, they hate each other and whisper lies about the other gods and their worshipers behind the other gods’ backs.

The Fury

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