The radio (also called soundbox) is a device that is used to play music and stories. It is a small box made of any material (usually wood or iron) with a large group of small holes on one side and a slot on the top. A small golem (usually clay or iron) that is equipped with the magical ability to be able to produce all sounds it inside the box, and when cardboard cards are pushed through the slot, the golem reproduces the sounds listed on the card with 100 % accuracy. It is very common and inexpensive, depending upon the materials used to make the box and golem.

The cards themselves are completely illegible, having only multicolored runes on the side that is supposed to face the golem. Casting read magic will make the card readable, but whatever the card is depicting will be in very small text and still difficult to read. If the side not covered in these runes faces the golem, the radio will produce horrible grating sounds as the golem tries to reproduce the label.

Because of the popularity of the radio and the nature of its crafting, there are a fairly large number of very small intelligent golems walking around. These small golems live just like a normal person, but when they are in the street it is dangerous for them to walk, as they could easily get crushed under the feet of larger people. Some organizations are working on body suits for such golems so that they can not be in danger of dying whenever they levae their homes.

Crafting Recipe/ Stats:

Cost: 10 silver pieces
Crafting: Coming soon


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