Kord is the patron deity of athletes and players of sports. Players of football pray to him before going into a game, as do hunters and, occasionally, the hunted. Gladiators build shrines to him in the rooms of their coliseums, and barbarians in the frozen north of Nordia scream chants dedicated to him prior to playing a game of Kick-The-Head.

Kord, in his favorite avatar, looks like an extremely muscular humanoid (the species and sex vary, but typically match the species and sex of the observer), but with no skin, only muscle and sinew. His eyes bulge out of his sockets, and veins teeter on the brink of bursting above his bloody muscle. His voice is like that of a drill sergeant, and what few things he says are short and to the point. When in different avatars, they tend to lack skin, and some features may be exaggerated, such as the fangs of a dog becoming too big to fit within the creature’s mouth, or the sharp edge of an ax becoming sharp enough to obliterate wood and cut through steel.

Kord accepts any prayers raised to him, no matter if they are simply a whispered saying or a full-blown sacrifice and service combo. He bets on the sports and games of people who pray to him with other gods, typically betting things such as the fate of planets whose only inhabitants are beasts, or the rights to a star or similar celestial object. Sometimes, when he wins a bet, he blesses the acts of great swathes of people, and occasionally nations have won wars due to these random shows of divine power.

Clerics of Kord are few and far between. Kord doesn’t really have the attention span or determination to consistently make clerics, and there really isn’t a church of Kord, only a few small, local churches. Granted, a short attention span for a god is about a few centuries, so while there might be great swathes of time where there won’t be any clerics of Kord, currently, clerics of the god do exist.


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