Welcome to the front page for the World of Vantek campaign series of Dungeons and Dragons. We are playing our first campaign in this series, but more campaigns will happen later on.

For info regarding the adventures themselves, see the Adventure Logs. For info about the world and setting, see the Wiki. All intelligent races will have a page there, and races that are not playable in the core rules and that I wish to make playable will have rules for being playable for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons listed on their Wiki page. Any creatures not present in the official rule books will have monster stat blocks on their page as well.

Certain creatures that have pages on the Wiki will be different types from what is listed in the official books. I use Dungeons and Dragons 5e monster types to categorize creatures on the wiki. While eventually all intelligent races will have a page, not all unintelligent creatures will.

Language(s) is the most commonly spoken languages for this creature.
Continent/Planet/Plane is the creature’s native continent, planet, or plane.
The rarity section on a race’s page is for how common they are in the average mixed-race city. Unintelligent creatures will not have a rarity section.

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The World of Vantek