A dumb dwarven fighter with great social skills and strength.


Jibjoe is a dwarf trained in swordplay and combat by himself. He is not very intelligent or dexterous or healthy, but has extremely good social skills and is very nice. He attempts to right all wrongs, or at least as many as he can. Jibjoe tries not to judge a person at first sight, but nobody is completely unbiased.


Jibjoe was born to two dwarven parents in the Southern Gushpelkan Desert province of The Kingdom of Klynn. Their town was under attack by raiders, and his father died in battle as his mother died giving birth to him. The building became under siege by the raiders, and the small dwarven baby crawled through an open door into the wastes beyond. He was found sound asleep by two travelers who lived in the town that were leaving due to the raiders, and he was taken by these two humans. They began travelling south, into the Forests of Kakafoon province, to go live in the town of the human’s parents, when both parents died of exposure. The fat and hairy baby dwarf was protected, however, and after a few days of eating the food supplies left in the bags of the travelers, a rift to the Shadowfell opened, and the corpses of his adopted parent’s were reanimated, becoming zombies. However, and this was good for Jibjoe, they were intelligent zombies, and continued on their way to the town of their parents. Jibjoe lived in this town for the first 20 or so years of his life, and then left, to begin a life of adventure.

Jibjoe’s life was one of a merchant’s family. They were wealthy, but not rich, and he lived in a small house with his zombified parents. He learned a lot about creatures and magic from his human relatives who were wizards and farmers, and now is a veritable expert on creatures encountered by a farmer, ranging from the Bulette to the occasional scavenging Grimlock. He was first of two adventurers who eventually formed the newest adventuring party in all of Klynn. He origianlly formed it with his friend Samantha, a halfling wizard, but is now joined by an elf, a human, a wood golem, and an enlightened gelatinous cube.


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