The World of Vantek

What has happened so far...

In their first adventure, Jibjoe and Samantha discovered a secret tunnel under the floorboards of the Roc’s Head Tavern in the Forests of Kakafoon. They followed the tunnel until they found a secret dungeon and tower called Direwitch Keep. They explored the dungeon, discovering undead and many monsters in the stone corridors. In the center of the dungeon, they discovered a entire city of intelligent undead. They explored the city, encountering a multitude of undead people, mostly skeletons and zombies, but some vampires and wraiths too. Leaving the underground portion of the dungeon, they entered a short stone brick tower. Climbing the levels, they found more undead, and at the top floor, they discovered a group of necromancers. They killed the first necromancer, but the other ones escaped as an elf rammed through the door.

Now with an elf in their party, they walked the distance to the capital city of The Forests of Kakafoon, Kakafoon. Exploring the city, they discovered a church just as necromancers were running into it. They burst their way into the church, and the door closed behind them just as another door opened right in front of them. They entered the doorway, which went to the sewers, and followed the necromancers, until they found a room in which the necromancers were summoning a demon. They killed the demon, and the necromancers ran away just as the fiend was destroyed.

After defeating the demon, the group of adventurers left to wander in the wilderness. They found a small fort called The Fort of Keen, and they explored and rested. The next day, the Lady of Keen asked for them, and requested them to save her son who was kidnapped by hobgoblins. Three more adventurers joined their team, which were a wood golem, a human, and an enlightened gelatinous cube. They were sent to The Dungeon Dimension to save the boy. During this adventure, one of them (Alice the human) stuck her hand into a gelatinous cube to get a red crystal. Her hand was melted off. After several days of traversing the realm they discovered him and the hobgoblins. The hobgoblins had made him an honorary hobgoblin, and were taking him back to their home. They chose to let him go with them, but only after bringing him back with them. Back in the Fort of Keen, Alice’s arm was replaced with a magical arm animated by a magic metal coin, and they took their reward of money. The boy disappeared a few days later, and they left the town.

After leaving the town, they went to the local train station just outside of the Fort of Keen. They came here because a small child asked them to help their mother who lives on the coast. They were taking the train to get to the coast because it was too far away to walk. On the train, they passed under a hill, and a locathah riding on the train was killed. They investigated, looking for clues and asking witnesses what they saw. They discovered that a female wood elf bard killed the locathah, and they gave her to the train captain. However, one of them (Baerwuld the wood elf) ran up and killed her. After arriving, they were sent to prison until more evidence could be discovered.



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